Converting HEIC for use with PhotobooksRus

What is HEIC?

In 2017, Apple devices with iOS 11 and above started using High Efficiency Image Format (HEIF) for coding images. Apple’s version of this format became known as HEIC (High Efficiency Image Coding).

HEIC images are almost twice lighter than JPEGs of the same quality, and they allow your iPhone to take really good quality pictures. So, they are the future!

However, native Windows applications do not support this format yet, including PhotobooksRus.

Don’t despair though! If you’ve taken (or been sent some) images in this format, you can quickly and easily convert them for use with PhotobooksRus!

On Windows

A few of our customers have recommended CopyTrans HEIC Free Edition for converting HEIC on Windows. While PhotobooksRus can’t officially endorse any third-party product, we hear good things. The setup looks pretty simple and it does what it says on the lid.

Online Conversion is a simple, online way to convert your HEIC formatted photos to jpeg, although it does mean uploading your private photos to a website, which is a no-no for a lot of people. In a pinch though, it’ll do what you need and will work on basically any internet-capable device.

Making sure you don’t take HEIC photos in the first place.

Petapixel offers a step-by-step guide to turning off the setting on your iPhone.

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